Getting Elderly Vaccines

Jen taking the other half of the group to the Acme to get shots

COVID has affected people all around the world. However, COVID reacts all differently based on age, fitness, and health histories. The risks get higher as age goes up, therefore elderly people are at the most risk. In Swedesboro, NJ a group of three women set out to sign up eldery people for the vaccines.
“We knew they were at higher risk, so we wanted to get them the vaccine since they may not be able to sign up for it themselves. We didn’t want the higher risk to not be able to receive their shot,” said Theresa Carbone.
So Carbone, Janice George, and Jen Cavallaro-Fromm went to Lore Drive Complexes in Swedesboro, NJ and collected information such as the Senior Citizen’s full name, date of birth, email, and phone number. Over the next few days they tried to book appointments for the Seniors on websites, but they kept filling up. So Jen went to the local Acme, grocery store, and asked if she could book the elders their COVID shots. They approved and whoever gave their information was signed up for a date and time.
“Acme was giving out free shots, so I just went there and asked if I could sign them up for the shots,” said Jenn Cavallaro-Fromm. “They said I could, so I gave all the information and booked the first shots.”
After they got both shots, George, Carbone, and Cavallaro got together with their kids to make little bags full of food that was previously donated by the community of Swedesboro-Woolwich. They made goodie-bags filled with groceries and other things that the whole community might need.
“Me and Theresa sorted the donations from 9am to 2pm. The kids made the bags… and then bringing each bag up to the doorsteps went from 3pm to 7pm,” said George.