Perfect Song for a Breakup: A Review on Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo

For years, the perfect song to listen to after a breakup was Taylor Swift, but now Olivia Rodrigo may be taking her place. After coming out with her song Driver’s License, Rodrigo changed the world of pop music forever. She was already number one on “Billboard global 200,” Spotify’s most streams in a week, most requested song ever in one day on Amazon Music Globally, and many more.
Olivia Rodrigo, a 17 year old girl from Temecula, CA has put her heart and soul into her new single “Drivers license.” This song was an original piece written about a heartbreak she experienced from one of her co-stars from her recent television series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” The title of the song originates from her ex boyfriend teaching her how to drive so they could drive around together. Now that he’s not there anymore she has to drive around the suburbs alone.
Throughout the song she remembers the broken promises and plans they had made together. He promised he would wait for her to turn eighteen, so they could legally be together, but he left her for Sabrina Carpenter. Carpenter is referred to as “the blonde girl” in Rodrigo’s second verse. Rodrigo shows how forever shouldn’t be promised just to be broken.
The song driver’s license is very well crafted for a soft and angelic voice like Rodrigos. She is a very talented songwriter who takes all her emotions and puts them into her work. Throughout the four minutes and two seconds of her song, you can really hear the emotion and pain she went through during her breakup.
I would definitely recommend this song to anyone willing to listen, as it’s a song you will be playing on repeat. I know what song I will be listening to when I get my license, even though I have to wait two years for it.