College Decisions Everywhere


Hailey C. '24

Here are the colleges the seniors involved in this article are attending next year!

During COVID the Seniors of the Class of 2021 were hit very hard. Missing most of their Junior year and then having to be virtual or in-person only half of the week isn’t the Senior year they expected when they were younger. They had to graduate with masks instead of visual smiles.
One of the main events most seniors experience is touring a college. Though most of their school year, most tours were virtual instead of in person. Therefore, they couldn’t get a feel of the size of campus and other features of the school that video tours may have not covered.
But now that many people are getting vaccinated and resources are getting better most colleges have opened back up for inperson tours.
“I was able to take an in person tour of my college,” said Andrew Christine, a senior at Kingsway.
Another factor students take in account when committing to a certain college is location and size. Some students want a smaller, more personal college, while others want a large college so they can meet new people. Also, some students would rather stay close to home while others would rather travel and see a different part of the country.
Andrew Christine said one of the main factors to picking Rutgers University, located in New Jersey, was that it was a larger sized campus, while Salesianum Senior Daniel Carbone 1 said he picked Drew University, also located in New Jersey, because it was a smaller school so he could form bonds with teachers and have a more personal connection with the students.
However, there are a multitude of other factors that influence each student’s college decision.
“A factor that went into choosing Georgetown was its location and academic reputation,” said Salesianum Senior, Pratik Jacob.
“ I picked this school because I was given a full ride scholarship!” said Maddy Phun, a Senior at Kingsway.
Students have been working hard this year, and we give big congrats and our best wishes for a bright and successful future! Especially to seniors Andrew George, Maddy Phun, Daniel Carbone, Andrew Christine, Pratik Jacobs, and Carlie Sietz.