A Look into the Freshmen Sleepover


Ms. Scarpone

Mr. Sheehan speaking to freshmen about making valuable memories.

Kylie M. '22, Reporter

On Saturday, September 15th, Padua held its first freshman sleepover. In the past, the school held a Big Sister/Little Sister sleepover, but ended up stopping it. But why was a school sleepover removed in the first place? And why bring it back with only freshman?

Mrs. Rossi, Director of Admissions, said bringing it back was due to the bonding that happened at the sleepover. The girls are less “vulnerable” when they all are together, causing them to “get to know each other on a deeper level,” she said.

Another reason is due to the recruiting process. When talking to potential freshman, “older students used to talk and reminisce about the sleepover,” and how much closer this bonded them.

In the past, there were problems with the big sisters. “Sisters had work and the seniors are overall just busy,” said Mrs. Rossi when asked why they removed the Big Sister/Little Sister sleepover. “When one friend has a big sister and then another friend’s sister didn’t show up it’s not the best situation.”

This also tackles the question of why only the freshman had the sleepover. However, there is a sophomore class sleepover coming up this year! There may be a potential combined junior/senior sleepover but nothing is definite. One thing that is for sure is this a tradition that will carry on for many years.