Public School vs. Private School Pandemic Plans

Rhegan Henry a student at Kingsway Regional Highschool in her Kingsway Field Hockey jacket. (Rhegan Henry)

The crowd roared, and cheered as the football team led their school to victory. Kids dressed in red and black, black and yellow. Two different schools, two different states; but yet connected by their school spirit.
Kingsway Regional High School, a public school, located in Gloucester County, New Jersey had to find a plan so that they could reopen during the coronavirus pandemic. As did Padua Academy, a private school, located in Wilmington, Delaware. Since the pandemic is new to all schools we decided to see if private or public schools take more precautions or if their plans are similar.
“We have eight classes all together but half on Monday and the other half on Tuesday, so we don’t have the same classes all week.” Said Elaina Filandro,a freshman at Padua Academy.
This is the schedule all students at Padua Academy are following this year. Most schools usually have different schedules than each other. For example Kingsway has seven classes all together and they repeat all seven classes the next day they have school on the hybrid schedule.

Elaina Filandro wearing her Padua hoodie showing school spirit. (Elaina Filandro)

“Our school is doing a hybrid where we go to school Monday and Tuesday and online classes Wednesday then students with the last name M-Z go into school Thursday and friday.” Said Rhegan Henry, a freshman at Kingsway.
Kingsway and Padua both decided to use a hybrid school plan to prevent too many kids in school at the same time. This way kids can social distance and be safe while learning in a school environment. Both schools are taking many steps to keep their students safe.
“ None of my teachers had to quarantine or have tested positive, also no one i know has tested positive or had to quarantine. I feel safe when I’m at school and happy to be back with friends.” Henry’24 said.