Five Feet Apart Review

This romantic tale follows the main characters, Stella Grant and Will Newman in a love story that involves some suspicion, suspense, and passion. Five Feet Apart shows a lot of twists, unexpected turns, and heartfelt moments.
Stella, a seventeen year old cystic fibrosis patient that pays a lot of attention towards her health. Since her sister’s passing, she stresses about her condition because she feels that she is going to die and hurt her parents again. In the beginning of the film, she is very intelligent, controlling, and organized.
Even though she is on top of her condition, Stella begins to feel controlled by it.
“This whole time, I’ve been living for my treatments, instead of doing my treatments so that I can live. I want to live. It’s just life, Will,” she said.
Will is a cliche rebellious teen; he is an artist who enjoys cartoons, is very disorganized and somewhat reckless, and never listens to any of his nurses. He makes it known throughout the film that he is tired of his continuous treatments. Will struggles with taking his condition seriously.
“I’m tired of living without really living,” he said. By that quote, Will implies that he wishes that he could have more freedoms and not be restricted because of his disease. He comprehends that he is alive, yet he does not feel that he is in charge of his own life.
This brilliant, tear-jerking, romance gets very in depth of true love and hardships of illnesses. It really captures the forbidden love between Will and Stella. There are moments that would leave people at the edge of their seats, moments to make watchers upset or angry. This movie brings out a lot of emotions.