“Bird Box” Review



The film “Bird Box” can be streamed by its distributer, Netflix.

Mame N. '24

First released in 2018, the “Bird Box” fan base grew quite rapidly in a minuscule amount of time, with memes and trends overflowing on all social media platforms about the film. An adaptation of the book released in 2014, “Bird Box” is a thrilling film.

The film has attracted the opinions of many critics. In my opinion, it is a movie that everyone should view at least once. It has a plot unseen by the public eye before. The lead character, Malorie, must learn how to survive and make it to a faraway sanctuary. The character overcomes doubt and grows individually. 

The R-rated horror/sci-fi film reaches a total of two hours and four minutes long. The cast consists of celebrities including Sarah Paulson, known for her roles in “American Horror Story”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Ratched”, and “American Crime Story”. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly makes an appearance in the film as well. Sandra Bullock plays the lead role as Malorie Hayes. Danielle Macdonald also appears in the film with a main role. 

The movie begins when an unknown mystical being is introduced to the world. The force makes  those who see it to harm themselves until they pass away. It becomes their worst fear when seen. People are forced to hide themselves by boarding up windows and keeping their eyes completely covered when outside. 

After a few years, Malorie and her two children embark on a journey to a sanctuary where they will be safe. The only catch is she must do it completely blindfolded while managing the children. She must accomplish this carefully, and at no point can they take off their blindfolds.

“Bird Box” has been awarded Most Frightening Performance at the MTV Movie Awards. “Bird Box” has also been announced to have a sequel based on Josh Malerman’s new book, “Malorie”.

 The film is intense, captivating, suspenseful, thought-provoking, and dark. It will leave its viewers at the end of their seats at times. People who enjoy post-apocalyptic films will enjoy this one. It puts the world in a new view never seen before.