What’s it like on the dance team


Patty L.

The dance team performing at halftime during a Padua basketball game.

Padua Academy has an incredible dance team. The team is coached by Coach Tori and AJ. They meet two times a week. The girls always give 100% during practice and always give their all.

When asked what a normal practice is like it is described as very hard by Shannon Grier, a freshman at Padua. A normal practice is full of new choreography and new formations the girls will perform. During the practice, one or two dances will be taught.

The dance team performs at many different Padua sporting events, like volleyball and basketball games. They also are performing at special events like at the UD basketball, and at the 76ers field house. The girls perform a hip-hop style of dance.

Shannon Grier said, “Stepping out onto the court is nerve-racking at first but once the dance is over it feels so great to know how well we did.”

Just like everything else at Padua, the girls have a very strong sisterhood with each other. They will help each other out during flex if someone needs to learn new dances.

Kayla Jaco, a freshman at Padua, said “Everyone on the dance team is super supportive, and really helpful whenever I need help learning one of the dances.”

The dance team consists of 26 girls. All the girls on the team are extremely talented whether they are executing the moves or learning when to do what moves. Kayla Jaco said, “Being on the dance team is a lot of fun and I enjoy it a lot.”