Sisterhood For Service


The Big Sister Little Sister program has already started and bonds have already been made. These bonds have strengthened as a result of the latest BSLS event.

On November 5th, freshman and seniors met in the cafe for a service project that was aimed to promote service and sisterhood. Pandas were tasked to make fleece blankets for Delaware’s foster children to give kids something tangible that belongs to them.

Keeley Bedwell, a senior, was asked about what this event meant to her as a sister. “This event strengthened my bond with my little sister because we were able to work together on a project that would benefit others,” she said.

Weaving these blankets also weaved together new relationships and new bonds. “While we were tying, we got to talk about our interests and stuff,” freshman Chelsea Lam said.

Bedwell agrees. “Being a big sister is being someone to whom my little sister can confide in and being a guide to her on her academic and spiritual journey through Padua,” she said. 

Not only do big and little sisters get to make memories with each other, but they also get to connect over helping underprivileged foster children in Delaware. “We were able to work together on a project that would benefit others. Giving back to the community is always a great way to gather a huge group of people and make fond memories while supporting a good cause,” says Bedwell.