Partners in Science

Nicole B., Reporter

Twenty-seven Padua students volunteered their time to help mentor elementary school children in their science fair.  The elementary school students involved in the science fair are mainly from public schools and participate in after school programs hosted by UrbanPromise.  This science fair offers these students an opportunity to learn about science and earn awards.  The Padua students spent time helping the elementary students after school Mondays through Wednesdays.

One Padua student helping with the science fair is Courtney B. (‘14).  She states, “The Science Fair is so much fun! The kids are very enthusiastic about science and love to learn new things.  I absolutely love it because you create a bond with a child who loves science like you do.  It’s so fun to go there because they wait all week for us to go and they are so excited by the time we get there.”

Another student helping out is Kara C. (‘14).  She states that:“My experience with Partners in Science has been great!  I love helping the kids and teaching them how to do different experiments.  They are the cutest kids ever!  We make experiments like slime and it’s so much fun.  I would volunteer again if I could!”

The Science Fair took place on May 3rd.  The winners of Camp Victory were Joshua and Kafian with “Bubbly-ology,” and Denzel and Miracle with “Bouncy Balls.”  The winners of Camp Promise were Marcos and Ija with “Balloon Blow-Up,” and Yazmin and Naji with “El Fuego Volcano.”  The winners of Camp hope were Iniya, Hasan, Damire, and Ajay with “How Do You Make the Best Slime?” and Tekara and Diamond with “Volcano of Awesomeness.”  The winners of Camp Freedom were Kyarre, Kyaira, and Kyasia with “Bouncing Eggs,” and Sydney and Alycia with “Slime.”