Bella Smookler


Rachel Smookler

Bella poses on her Grandma’s porch. She followed in her sister Rachel’s footsteps in joining the track team.

Jane M. '23, Reporter

What is your favorite dinner your mom makes?

“Probably piaya or lasagna.” 

What’s your favorite thing to do with your sister?

“I like to hang out, listen to music, or watch a movie together.”

What made you decide to join the track team?

“My sister Rachel made me decide to join the team.”

What is your favorite track event?

“It depends, probably whatever Rachel is running in because it makes it more interesting with me.”

What is your favorite memory you have with your sister ?

“Car rides because they are fun.”

What’s your favorite car jam?

“Right now I like the song ‘Serotonin.’ We were just listening to it in the car this morning, but I also like Machine Gun Kelly.” 

Do you spend a lot of time together?

“We do, mostly in the summer, because now [during the school year] we have a lot of sports and stuff so we don’t hang out as much, but we still hang out when we can.”

What is your favorite part about practice each day?

My favorite part of practice is the people on the track team. I enjoy hanging out with them and they make practice fun.”

How do you inspire each other?

“Rachel shows like a lot of things I can do like school or sports. And she’s just a very motivated person and she does a lot of things. So that kind of motivates me to do other things, try new things and try harder. 

What’s your favorite family event or vacation?

“We go to Ocean City, Maryland, every year in the summer and that’s fun.”