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Abigail C. ’21
Abby is currently a junior at Padua who enjoys acting. She has a younger sister, Audrey, who is currently in eighth grade at IHM. Her mom is a lawyer for the state and her dad used to be a teacher, but is now an aid for a county council woman. Abby’s family is Irish, Italian, German and Lithuanian.

     She recently finished her 25th production where she played Hook in a twisted neverland. She has directed 3 one act plays. She aspires to play Fiona in Shrek and Elle who is the hairdresser in Legally Blonde. Her favorite role she played was Pinocchio in Shrek. She is also in the choir for her church and has danced for 9 years, which helps with her acting. 

     Abby also enjoys cooking. She just finished making her 30th metal in a project where she makes a dish from every state. She calls this project “America the Delicious.”

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