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Abigail C. ’21
Meet Abby, one of the editors-in-chief of Padua 360. She is a senior who loves show tunes, volunteering, “Criminal Minds”, and reading. Abby took the journalism class during her junior year and recently returned to continue sharing her love of writing with the community.

“I realized that I just couldn’t imagine my senior year without doing journalism,” she said.

Her sister Audrey is three years younger and a freshman at Padua. As kids, her parents described their relationship as “love-hit”, but Abby still considers Audrey her best friend. Together, they love to bake, cook, and spend lots of time together. 

“For years she moved her bed into my room… and she would just sleep in here and it was like a sleepover every night,” said Abby.

The theater is another one of Abby’s passions. She has worked in both Padua and Salesianum productions and is a board member of the Wilmington Drama League. Her theatrical career began with small plays at the drama league, and she has since stepped into various leadership roles onstage and backstage.

“I started off in these little things called ‘pillow plays’... and they were really cute,” Abby said.

“[Then] I discovered that I love stage managing; I just really enjoy that, especially like the running meetings and doing the logistics side of it.”

With college in the near future, Abby’s top choices are St. Joseph’s University, Catholic University, and the University of Delaware. She plans to pursue a career in business and dreams of opening her own family-style restaurant. As evidenced by her hundreds of volunteer hours, Abby strongly values service to others and desires to continue helping the community far beyond high school.

“I love volunteering and helping people,” Abby said. “Whatever I do, it has to have some element of service in it.”

Abigail C. '21, Editor-in-Chief

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