Spider-Man Far From Home Review


Marvel Studios

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Spider-Man Far From Home will take the audience on a journey that is very far from boring.

Premiering on July 2nd, 2019, the movie encompasses every valued aspect of a marvel movie: action, humor, and romance. Beloved actor Tom Holland plays the lead role of Spider-Man, alternately known Peter Parker.

Director Jon Watts faced a lot of pressure, as the film followed the highly successful Avengers Endgame. Yet, the movie was able to follow through with the outstanding expectations.

Following the death of the beloved superhero Tony Stark, Peter Parker must endure a new life where he is now the most entrusted hero. However, he doesn’t feel as if he is capable of carrying the world’s safety in his palm.

The movie begins with Parker and his classmates taking a school trip to Europe, where he intends to be an everyday kid and possibly ask out his crush. Things quickly go south when random, bizarre attacks break out in different locations of Europe.

During the attacks Parker meets an ally, Quenten Beck, who outshines him and maintains the safety of civilians. Parker entrusts Beck with the safety of the world, doubting himself and his abilities. However, Beck might not be as trustable as Parker initially thought.

Caught up in a messy class trip, a growing crush, and now the world’s safety at stake, Peter must embark on a journey that could cost the entire future.

The movie has a perfect blend of cliffhangers, drama, and comedy that leaves audiences enthralled.

One of the many successes behind the film was the comedic dialogue between Peter and his classmates. It depicts a group of high school students just attempting to have fun. It is charming in a way that may remind students of their own experiences with their friends.

Along with comedy there are heavy topics covered, such as self value. Parker has a difficult time believing in himself, despite many others telling him that he is capable enough to fill Tony Stark’s shoes.

His growth of confidence throughout the movie is inspiring to adolescents who may also feel as if they aren’t capable enough to handle tough situations.

One of the most captivating parts of the movie was the CGI. It incorporated mind-boggling scenarios and brain tricks that left many dumbfounded. Alternate realities and imaginary scenarios were heavily incorporated.

The movie is so unique yet so charming. Each scene is so engaging and fulfilling, leaving viewers with an unforgettable experience. Audiences of all ages are able to laugh along to the jokes, cry at mellow moments, and gasp in shock at twists and turns.