Super Bowl 2020 Highlights

Jordyn C. '20, Reporter

Super Bowl LIV pitted the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs against each other in the race to become Super Bowl Champions. The game opened with a national anthem sung by Demi Lovato.

Kansas City started out strong, ending the first quarter 7-3 in their favor. By the end of the first half, both teams were neck to neck with a score of 10-10. It was anybody’s game at that point.

The halftime performance by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira hyped the crowd up after a first half of intensity with fan favorites such as “Hips Don’t Lie,” “Jenny From the Block,” “Waka Waka,” “Born in the USA,” and many others. The diverse and exotic performance really set the tone for the rest of the game.

With fifteen minutes left to go of the game, San Francisco seemed to be taking home the victory with a score of 20-10, until their defense began to run out of steam. Kansas City swooped in bumping the score up to 20-17, thanks to their twenty four year old quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes tossed a 28-yard pass to Sammy Watkins which was what put the Chiefs back on the map.

The final score was 31-20 in favor of the Chiefs as they took home the victory. Patrick Mahomes led Kansas City to victory with two fourth-quarter touchdowns. This led Mahomes to be the MVP of the game. Defense held the 49ers scoreless for the last fifteen minutes of the game. This has been their fourth Super Bowl win and the first since 1969. This victory was the first for the Chief’s coach Andy Reid.