Padua Community Gathers to Remember Father Nicholas Waseline


Father Nick's picture on display.

Stella W. '19, Reporter

Father Nicholas Waseline of St. Anthony of Padua Parish passed away at around 9:00 am on April 18th at the age of 67, after battling pancreatic cancer for over a year. On April 20th, Padua students gathered in the gymnasium to commemorate and honor a life of service to the Catholic Church and faith.

Mrs. Mann began by announcing that a viewing would take place at St. Anthony’s on Wednesday, April 25th, from 2 pm until 6:45 pm for those wishing to pay their respects. The Mass of Christian Burial will take place at 7 pm the same day, and the Internment the following day with the Oblates community in Maryland. Padua needs formal representation at both, and students wishing to participate are asked to contact Mrs. Mann.

School will be closed on Thursday, 26 April, to “honor his position as a man of God,” says Mrs. Mann. “One thing Father had that a lot of people don’t have is strong, strong faith.” She emphasized the importance of gathering to “remember our Pastor, to remember our friend.”

One thing Father had that a lot of people don’t have is strong, strong faith.”

— Mrs. Mann

Students led the assembly in prayer through readings from scripture, and Music Ministry led the community in song. The prayer service closed with students walking solemnly and silently out of the gymnasium, asked to recognize and respect a dignified and holy life.