What is so Perfect about Perfect Attendance?


Olive D. '19

Bridget Kennedy ’19, one of the few students who has achieved perfect attendance all four years at Padua.

Olive D. '19, Editor

Do you ever just have those days when can’t get out of bed, need a personal day, fighting a bad cold and just don’t have the energy to get up for school? I know have.

Senior skip day, one of the senior rituals that most look forward to, was not even a thought for these students. They stayed devoted to their goal of perfect attendance and showed up to school. Those of us who have not been able to make it into school every single day since freshman year should take some notes from these students who have.

Coming into school as many days as you can truly is worth it; at the time you may not notice it but in the long run you will be happy you didn’t skip.

According to absencesaddup.org, “When you make school attendance a priority, you help your child get better grades, develop healthy life habits, avoid dangerous behavior and have a better chance of graduating from high school.”  

For me personally missing a day of school is more stressful than coming to school”

— Bridget Kennedy '19

Missing one day of school and choosing to take a day off and sleep may seem tempting at first but when you come back to all the notes and homework you have to make up it might be something you regret.

Senior, Katherine Hally said, “When you miss class and just get the notes from a friend, you are missing out on little things the teacher may talk about that isn’t written down.”

Senior, Alexandra Azara, has been able to achieve perfect attendance all four years. She said that it has always been a plan to have perfect attendance, she believes that “people should strive to come to school because your classes will be easier in the long run and you will be all caught up on your work.”

There are definitely days that students (especially seniors, battling “senioritis”) don’t want to come into school but Bridget Kennedy, a senior, manages to still have perfect attendance her senior year.

Kennedy said what really motivates her to keep coming in to school is the fact that making up work can be a challenge, “For me personally missing a day of school is more stressful than coming to school.”

Looking on the bright side, being able to see your friends, not missing out on huge events, or something funny that day can push people to get out of bed in the mornings. The weekend is just around the corner and if you stay motivated the week may go faster than you think.

“I know that once I get out of bed and get to school, I’ll feel better and be okay for the day. I also just think about seeing my friends and laughing with them during lunch and flex” Hally said.